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About Us

From 60 years of experiences inherit generation to generation, nowadays we are creating products that purposely aim for “ eatable everywhere, everyday, every generation ”

More than half of century,  we have started as merchant, trading all kinds of grain such as peanut, corn, rice and etc, both domestic and international. 

After seeing lots of business opportunities in a field, we have decided to expand ourself from trader ( import and export ) to become a manufacturer with our own brand. We look ourself as thai local farmer supporter. Mainly our raw materials, we have sourced locally in Thailand with highest quality.   

From our first product roasted peanut under Double Pagoda brand, to roasted sunflower seeds with herbs by Jangko brand, nowadays, we are expanding ourself into almond, cashew nuts, pistachio, confectionary and snack as well.


Where To Buy

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